Friday, October 26, 2012

Green or not green? That is the question

How ecological I’m? Well, it could say that not too much. I really don’t care a lot from the environment but I try to don’t contribute to the progressive destruction of the planet (jajaja so dramatic!)
In the brightside, in my house, we don’t use any chimney or something like that, so we don’t expulse a lot of carbon dioxide to the planet.  Another thing that concerned a lot in my house is the energy’s consume, even if is not for ecological reasons, there are always someone worry that the lights or electrical appliances don’t be turn on when no one is using them, or for example we don’t open the freezer all the time unless is necessary.
Also, we don’t use so much our car, my dad never goes to the work in it, neither my mom (although is for economical reasons), is only used when it requires. I for my part, whenever I can I go to the university or anywhere I have to go in my bike, it makes me feel good with myself and I feel like I’m doing something good for the environment.
We unfortunately don’t have the habit to recycle, the garbage it’s not classified or anything, we neither use to recycle glass or cardboard.  What we do use to do is gave all our old clothes, so it can be re used and don’t contribute to increases the trash on the planet.

In general I can say that I’m not really a fully commitment person with the environment, but I do try to not be another burden for the planet


  1. according to the investigations and Elizabeth...XD you post it look a study of environment!
    it's joke!


  2. Your post is sincere. I like it !!