Friday, November 23, 2012

ooooohh My old friend... Art!

Well, the topic that I have to talk about this time is The Arts. I’m not a very artistic person; I think that I didn’t  born with that gift, I don’t know even how to appreciate it, but I try, I really try.

For example, I used to draw a lot when I was a kid, and I used to enjoy very much, but as I grew older I was losing that ability. When I finally convinced myself that I was not good in arts was when I had to admit that Architecture was not my thing, ooohh yes… I studied Architecture before Psychology, and that was the biggest mistake of my life… but that is a matter for another blog.

The thing is that art has never been my thing… Is like I was born without that information in my brain jajjajaj
But I guess that I can enjoy of some others kind of art, no so sophisticated like paint, sculpture, even pictures… That are things that I never going to understand.

My kinds of art is more simple and common like movies, books, music (not classic one, more like normal one jajja) and stuff like that, nothing to complicate or elaborated.

I enjoy books with interesting arguments, not so deep, but neither so shallow, a little serious but with some of funny, with some romance, but not harassing and why not a little of fantasy like books of Garcia Marquez or Isabel Allende, I think that with movies is something like that. Music? Well music gives to another entire blog so… I leave it up to here


English, English... ohh english

Well, I must say that English is not something that drives me crazy, I mean that I understand a little, not enough to communicate easily, but enough to understand the basics concepts  and not die trying.  At first, I thought that English at the University would be more difficult, like if I have to get out bilingual or something like that, but now I know that is not much more than what teach in High school.  

I suppose that blogs should help us to improve our English by making us learn more words and increasing our vocabulary, but I think that this way is not the best; I don’t want to criticize your methods, is just that sometimes it turns a little monotonous and bored. The good thing of blogs is that we don’t have to be necessary in the classroom to do it.

I’m not saying that I’m an expert in English and that I don’t have anything to improve, actually my English is very poor, but really don’t interest me so much to be good on this. Obviously, I’ll not think this way when I want to travel and I have to master this language, but until that, I suppose that I don’t necessarily have to really really try so hard.

The aspect that I know that I have to improve of my English is my pronunciation, I speak very very bad in English, and I barely understand this language when someone else speaks it. But that is a problem that I have, I don’t really like too much speak in public, and the only way of practice is by doing it with someone else, and to me is very difficult because is make me feel ashamed.

And how much I use my English out of the classroom? Well, I suppose that I use it even when I don’t realize, like when I heard music in English, when I see movies in English and I can understand some parts without seen the subtitle and stuff like that, is not too much, but is something


Thursday, November 22, 2012

What to do?...

Well, I must say that is a little early for me to be exactly sure about what I think to do for the rest of my life, but I have an idea of that. The truth is that I know what I don’t wanna do jajajaja, I don’t like clinical psychology and that is basically because I think that from there, there is not too much to do, I mean that, when someone arrives to a psychological consultation is because there is already a problem, I think that psychology should help before even the problem appear. And that is why I don’t really believe to much in clinical psychology, but I don’t wanna say that is not important, just I’m saying that is not what I wanna do in my professional development .
I really find interesting the social psychology, specially that one that has a critical posture. But the problem with this is that I don’t have entirely clear what I can do with all the knowledge that this area provides. I mean that there is a lot of theoretical knowledge that don’t necessary applies to the facts, and that worries me.
Well, I’m saying all this stuff because I wanna to think that I’m going to do a real contribution to the society whit my job. And my way to do that is by helping to those who I consider that needed most… I would like to work in jail, helping with the social reintegration of prisoners.
I think that they are a vulnerable population that no one cares about, they are what the society has decide to forget because don’t wanna look the ugly side of the reality, a side that all of us has helping to create but no one wants to take charge.
How I’m going to achieve that target?, I still don’t know, all I know is that I’ll do whatever takes to get there and make my contribution to this guys and society in general

Thursday, November 15, 2012

The Soundtrack of my life!

I love hear music, of all kind, well I have my own preferences but in general I can hear all kind of music.

When I was younger Rock was my favorite, especially in english, It full me of energy and make me release of my emotions, it was really exciting.  I think that hear all that music in english has helped me to understand better this language. Bands like Guns n’ Roses, Pink Floyd, The Doors, Faith no more Stone Temple Pilots, Pearl Jam and many others has been my English teachers throughout my life.

A years later of that, I calm down a bit and a start to hear music more slow and quiet, bands more pop like U2, Oasis, The Verve, Alanis Morristte, Coldplay and stuffs like that. I think that this was a stage of my life of more retrospection, of more cal in which I needed time for myself and for think about my life.

Now at the time I like to hear more music in my own language, songs with more content and not only worried for the melodies, songs that gave us a message that make us think about all the things unfair in life. Bands like Los Rodriguez, Los fabulosos Cadillacs, La Bersuit an more. I think that in this part of my life I care more about the reality that surrounds me, the real problems of the life that hit us but that teach us a lesson.

Romantics songs has never been of my taste, but everyone has lapses in some moments.

Soo… this is it so far, but I think that still remains so much for saying… is just that is finish yet

Friday, October 26, 2012

Green or not green? That is the question

How ecological I’m? Well, it could say that not too much. I really don’t care a lot from the environment but I try to don’t contribute to the progressive destruction of the planet (jajaja so dramatic!)
In the brightside, in my house, we don’t use any chimney or something like that, so we don’t expulse a lot of carbon dioxide to the planet.  Another thing that concerned a lot in my house is the energy’s consume, even if is not for ecological reasons, there are always someone worry that the lights or electrical appliances don’t be turn on when no one is using them, or for example we don’t open the freezer all the time unless is necessary.
Also, we don’t use so much our car, my dad never goes to the work in it, neither my mom (although is for economical reasons), is only used when it requires. I for my part, whenever I can I go to the university or anywhere I have to go in my bike, it makes me feel good with myself and I feel like I’m doing something good for the environment.
We unfortunately don’t have the habit to recycle, the garbage it’s not classified or anything, we neither use to recycle glass or cardboard.  What we do use to do is gave all our old clothes, so it can be re used and don’t contribute to increases the trash on the planet.

In general I can say that I’m not really a fully commitment person with the environment, but I do try to not be another burden for the planet

Friday, October 5, 2012

In Honor to Rambito

Hello! Well my story is really sad. I had a little doggy call Rambito jajajjaj… yes yes I know it’s not a very original or appropriate name for a dog, it makes to think in a killer dog or something like that, but the truth is that was an adorable and inoffensive little dog. He doesn’t even was of race, but to my eyes it was the most lovely stray dog ever.
When he came to my house it was a little ball of fur that walks all over the place and mess everything.  By then, me and my brothers were still little children and played whit him all the time. We teach to him all kind of trucks, to run over the ball, to catch old cloth from impossible places and stuffs like that. He always had energy to play whit us.
One time he made me spend a huge scare. This doggy doesn’t know how to walk on the street; he was too crazy and wild. In one of his frenetic runs he was crushed by a car, He lived! Don’t worry, but he was seriously injured and I had to care him for a long time.
After all of that, I remember that I go out for a walk with him whenever I could. But as I was growing up, I  was forgotten the little dog every time even more to the point that sometimes in the last time the poor doggy was so lonely in the backyard just waiting for a visit from us.
The thing is that my little doggy was getting old and we don’t even note this. He walks more difficultly with the pas of time until he just stop walk at all and just lie down all day and we had to feed him and gave him water.
To finish quickly, we had to put to sleep my doggy for medical reasons and it was really really sad for all my family.

Friday, September 28, 2012

The best... until now

The best holidays I ever had were made like two years ago, in the summer of 2010. The thing was that me and my friends decided to go at South of the country and known a lot of places travelling with nothing more than a backpack and our encourage.
Well, put that way sounds very funny, and…  IT REALLY WAS !! We were prepared with alcohol to put to sleep an elephant. So… it was a week very move.

We finally arrived to a place name Antuco and we stay there for a little while, I really don’t remember exactly the time that we remain there. The first thing to do later than we arrived was open a refreshing beer and later the time does his work. Now that I think… there are very few things that I remember of that week, I suppose that shut be the effect of alcohol.

Later of that we arrived to a place name Salto del Laja, where there was a waterfall and where we camp the rest of the week. There all became funniest, I don’t know if where the place, the water of the fact that every time that pass we were more drunks.
So… at the end, it’s very advisable to go out with friends for holidays