Friday, November 23, 2012

ooooohh My old friend... Art!

Well, the topic that I have to talk about this time is The Arts. I’m not a very artistic person; I think that I didn’t  born with that gift, I don’t know even how to appreciate it, but I try, I really try.

For example, I used to draw a lot when I was a kid, and I used to enjoy very much, but as I grew older I was losing that ability. When I finally convinced myself that I was not good in arts was when I had to admit that Architecture was not my thing, ooohh yes… I studied Architecture before Psychology, and that was the biggest mistake of my life… but that is a matter for another blog.

The thing is that art has never been my thing… Is like I was born without that information in my brain jajjajaj
But I guess that I can enjoy of some others kind of art, no so sophisticated like paint, sculpture, even pictures… That are things that I never going to understand.

My kinds of art is more simple and common like movies, books, music (not classic one, more like normal one jajja) and stuff like that, nothing to complicate or elaborated.

I enjoy books with interesting arguments, not so deep, but neither so shallow, a little serious but with some of funny, with some romance, but not harassing and why not a little of fantasy like books of Garcia Marquez or Isabel Allende, I think that with movies is something like that. Music? Well music gives to another entire blog so… I leave it up to here



  1. " I was born without that information in my brain" jajajajaj you are crazy!!!
    Eli make me so muchhh laugh!

  2. Eli, I didn't know that you studied Architecture!!