Thursday, April 26, 2012

Technology sucks ¡!

I hate technology!!!
I dislike everything that has anything to do with technology. Right, technology makes us life simpler, but also make us lazy and zombies. It’s because of that than everyone spend their time in front of the TV, the notebook, or playing stupid games in front of stupid consoles. Now anyone get out of their houses if really don’t have to do it and make all their stuff from the comfort of their houses. I think that the human been it’s not ready for so much technology, it make him crazy and don’t let him think with clarity.
Besides this, technology has cost us expensive, the planet doesn’t resist more but we are so busy enjoying the benefits of our technology that we don’t do anything.
Yes, I admit that I also use this technology, I can’t help it, but the less I use it, the more fine it feels.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

360 Tour Chile... Out of this World!!!

So... the past year in March I go to see U2's show in Chile. It was the 360 Tour installed on the Estadio Nacional. The staging it was amazing, the lights and images were designed to be able to see in every position that you’re been, that’s why the name of the tour. And the sound it was really deafening, that because the speakers were pointing directly at the people.
In the center of the stage there was a screen that stretch and shorten, and it could be seen from the entire stadium, it was out of this world!!!I like U2 very much, specially the letters of his songs, always talking about love and justice and how everyone should respect at the others. That’s why I go to see them, because I wanna to feel that experience in person. 

Thursday, April 12, 2012

OMG!! This is my Life to you

Well as I say before, I’m Elizabeth and I study Psychology, I was born exactly in 22 of September of 1988, that’s mean I have 23 years old. I was born right here in Santiago, but in the commune of San Joaquin.  I have 2 brothers, one older than me and the other is younger, and one sister that also is younger. It’s difficult to have a big family whit many brothers because you don’t have much attention from your parents. That’s sounds so sad L
I went to a religious school so, my childhood was very bored.  Later, in the university I had the opportunity of meet very interesting people who shows me the real life yoohuu
Before studying Psychology, I studied Architecture, also in the Universidad de Chile, but after 2 year I realize that that was not for me. It took me a lot of problems but it totally worth it because that was not making me happy and psychology does.
I enjoy a lot of cycling, I often go to massive biking activities were many people meets to defend the rights of cyclists in the street.