Thursday, April 26, 2012

Technology sucks ¡!

I hate technology!!!
I dislike everything that has anything to do with technology. Right, technology makes us life simpler, but also make us lazy and zombies. It’s because of that than everyone spend their time in front of the TV, the notebook, or playing stupid games in front of stupid consoles. Now anyone get out of their houses if really don’t have to do it and make all their stuff from the comfort of their houses. I think that the human been it’s not ready for so much technology, it make him crazy and don’t let him think with clarity.
Besides this, technology has cost us expensive, the planet doesn’t resist more but we are so busy enjoying the benefits of our technology that we don’t do anything.
Yes, I admit that I also use this technology, I can’t help it, but the less I use it, the more fine it feels.