Thursday, April 12, 2012

OMG!! This is my Life to you

Well as I say before, I’m Elizabeth and I study Psychology, I was born exactly in 22 of September of 1988, that’s mean I have 23 years old. I was born right here in Santiago, but in the commune of San Joaquin.  I have 2 brothers, one older than me and the other is younger, and one sister that also is younger. It’s difficult to have a big family whit many brothers because you don’t have much attention from your parents. That’s sounds so sad L
I went to a religious school so, my childhood was very bored.  Later, in the university I had the opportunity of meet very interesting people who shows me the real life yoohuu
Before studying Psychology, I studied Architecture, also in the Universidad de Chile, but after 2 year I realize that that was not for me. It took me a lot of problems but it totally worth it because that was not making me happy and psychology does.
I enjoy a lot of cycling, I often go to massive biking activities were many people meets to defend the rights of cyclists in the street.  


  1. I have a big family too! :) jaja but i like that!

  2. I went a religiuos shcool too, is terrible haha i hate it

  3. XD very interesting your life... I would like to know 1313

  4. Eli (Loo) i do not "bulling" xD bad bad!! jajaja i hope bring more you bike xD