Friday, September 28, 2012

The best... until now

The best holidays I ever had were made like two years ago, in the summer of 2010. The thing was that me and my friends decided to go at South of the country and known a lot of places travelling with nothing more than a backpack and our encourage.
Well, put that way sounds very funny, and…  IT REALLY WAS !! We were prepared with alcohol to put to sleep an elephant. So… it was a week very move.

We finally arrived to a place name Antuco and we stay there for a little while, I really don’t remember exactly the time that we remain there. The first thing to do later than we arrived was open a refreshing beer and later the time does his work. Now that I think… there are very few things that I remember of that week, I suppose that shut be the effect of alcohol.

Later of that we arrived to a place name Salto del Laja, where there was a waterfall and where we camp the rest of the week. There all became funniest, I don’t know if where the place, the water of the fact that every time that pass we were more drunks.
So… at the end, it’s very advisable to go out with friends for holidays

The guarded city

Hey there!
Well, I’ve always wanted to visit Rome in Italy, but as I already talked about that in other post I’m going to talk about Rio de Janeiro.
Everytime that we have to let our imagination fly and dream about go anywhere we want, we think in Europe. Not this time! Now I’m going to dream with my own continent, specifically with Rio de Janeiro it always been a great city, so cheerful and alive!!
The most interesting about that place is the people, always smiling and with good mood, they don’t make problems for anything and live their lives with all the good and bad things.
Of course that the beach, all that white sand and sun help too, but more than that, the natural beauty of this city is amazing. The fact that have the mountains so close to the sea, and still have one of the metropolises hugest of South America, how the old city combines with all that new architecture  in that tropical ambient and still has space for all that green everywhere!!
If we add to this all the touristic attractive that has, like The Sugarloaf Mountain, the Christ Redeemer, the Maracana Stadiuma and the unforgettable Sambodromo, a permanent grandstand-lined parade avenue which is used during Carnaval that makes once a year.

Well, if I’m allow to dream a little, but definitely that’s it’s the first place I’ll visit when I can.

Friday, September 7, 2012

Hello people!
My name is Elizabeth and I’m in my third year of Psychology studies here in the Universidad de Chile.  This semester is not very exciting for me, but that’s my entire fault because I actually took very bored classes. However I expect that the next year things get a little better.

The past semester was also very bored but that wasn’t my fault.  Now that I think, third year of psychology is not very interesting but that’s only because we use to see matters that are very introductory and very shallow. I expect that for my third grade of university I master some subjects basics for my professional development, but I only feel that the more time pass, the less I know.
In the other hand, the past semester it works for me to realize what I really wanna do when I go out of University. I realize that Juridical Psychology is a very interesting subject and that from there I can do a real contribution to the society, especially from the side of Carcel.

So I hope to get in that way and do my best!!