Friday, September 28, 2012

The guarded city

Hey there!
Well, I’ve always wanted to visit Rome in Italy, but as I already talked about that in other post I’m going to talk about Rio de Janeiro.
Everytime that we have to let our imagination fly and dream about go anywhere we want, we think in Europe. Not this time! Now I’m going to dream with my own continent, specifically with Rio de Janeiro it always been a great city, so cheerful and alive!!
The most interesting about that place is the people, always smiling and with good mood, they don’t make problems for anything and live their lives with all the good and bad things.
Of course that the beach, all that white sand and sun help too, but more than that, the natural beauty of this city is amazing. The fact that have the mountains so close to the sea, and still have one of the metropolises hugest of South America, how the old city combines with all that new architecture  in that tropical ambient and still has space for all that green everywhere!!
If we add to this all the touristic attractive that has, like The Sugarloaf Mountain, the Christ Redeemer, the Maracana Stadiuma and the unforgettable Sambodromo, a permanent grandstand-lined parade avenue which is used during Carnaval that makes once a year.

Well, if I’m allow to dream a little, but definitely that’s it’s the first place I’ll visit when I can.


  1. Brazil lalalalalalalala!! this is song! I like!
    You can dance samba!

  2. It's truth, the brazilian people is too cheerful!!!