Friday, September 7, 2012

Hello people!
My name is Elizabeth and I’m in my third year of Psychology studies here in the Universidad de Chile.  This semester is not very exciting for me, but that’s my entire fault because I actually took very bored classes. However I expect that the next year things get a little better.

The past semester was also very bored but that wasn’t my fault.  Now that I think, third year of psychology is not very interesting but that’s only because we use to see matters that are very introductory and very shallow. I expect that for my third grade of university I master some subjects basics for my professional development, but I only feel that the more time pass, the less I know.
In the other hand, the past semester it works for me to realize what I really wanna do when I go out of University. I realize that Juridical Psychology is a very interesting subject and that from there I can do a real contribution to the society, especially from the side of Carcel.

So I hope to get in that way and do my best!!


  1. Juridical Psychology, tath sounds very interesting, over all if you wat applied it in the carcel.
    I understand you, many times I felt disappointed with my degree, and I think taht one have to deepth in the field that you like it if the university is not satisfied for you.

  2. This is a good post! There are some mistakes mainly on grammar but the idea is pretty well understood. Please keep doing this way! We'll do this better next time! cheers!