Thursday, June 21, 2012

Cold, Cold, Cold and rain !!

I hate the heat!!!, I can’t stand it. When is too heat I just don’t work. I feel like a zombie and I feel like I’m melting. The heat stuns me and don’t leave me do my things quiet.
That’s why I like winter, while wetter better. Cold makes me feel alive and if is accompanied by rain is much better. I love those days when the wind blows so hard that we just can watch him drag the leaves. Its jus magic when you walk for a street full of leaves. When is winter I’m not more active than when is summer or something (I think that there is nothing that can change that from me jejejeje), but at least I’m more like the rest of people.
I feel like if is winter and I’m cold, I can at least putting me on more warm clothes or something like that. But when is summer and I’m dying of heat, I feel like there is nothing that I can do to feel me more comfortable.

 I guess that both seasons have good and bad things, I just know that I enjoy more the cold ones.