Thursday, June 14, 2012

The mountains and beyond...

If there is a place that I love, it has to be Santa Lucia. My grandmother went to live there a time ago. Is a beautiful place that is from Chillan to the mountain. You have to arrive at a little town call Yungay, and there you have to go literally to the top of the hill to find Santa Lucia, go there is a crossing.
I use to go there with my grandma, my brothers and my cousins when I was a child. It rules!! We went in tents and we played all the time and we used to go out for walks and get lost in the nature.  We also enjoyed swimming in the river in which there were tiny little waterfalls were we use to throw us. We call them “Cataratas Belmont”.
I keep going there sometimes in the summer with my family, but never get back to be what it was when I was a child. Now I can relax there and do nothing, I enjoy the nature and the peace whit my family.

I suppose that is all this memories that make me love this place. 

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