Thursday, May 3, 2012

The Hilarious Truth

Well… the most hilarious show TV I’ll ever see is The Big Bang Theory… of just name it I started to laugh. This show it’s about four guys terrible snobs that are scientist and they enjoy comics books, video games, and sci-fi shows TV. The thing is that all their world gone hells when arrived at the floor of their apartment a girl name Penny. She comes to mess up their world !!!

It’s very funny because shows us a reality that no one wanted to see, the world of the social misfits and it do it through humor. It shows us how they spend their time in a lot of things that no one cares but always with some sarcasm. I think that the show’s success is due to this, to take care of this reality that it’s so familiar for everyone but that no one has ever taken seriously, because…let face it, everyone has felt snobs once

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