Friday, November 23, 2012

English, English... ohh english

Well, I must say that English is not something that drives me crazy, I mean that I understand a little, not enough to communicate easily, but enough to understand the basics concepts  and not die trying.  At first, I thought that English at the University would be more difficult, like if I have to get out bilingual or something like that, but now I know that is not much more than what teach in High school.  

I suppose that blogs should help us to improve our English by making us learn more words and increasing our vocabulary, but I think that this way is not the best; I don’t want to criticize your methods, is just that sometimes it turns a little monotonous and bored. The good thing of blogs is that we don’t have to be necessary in the classroom to do it.

I’m not saying that I’m an expert in English and that I don’t have anything to improve, actually my English is very poor, but really don’t interest me so much to be good on this. Obviously, I’ll not think this way when I want to travel and I have to master this language, but until that, I suppose that I don’t necessarily have to really really try so hard.

The aspect that I know that I have to improve of my English is my pronunciation, I speak very very bad in English, and I barely understand this language when someone else speaks it. But that is a problem that I have, I don’t really like too much speak in public, and the only way of practice is by doing it with someone else, and to me is very difficult because is make me feel ashamed.

And how much I use my English out of the classroom? Well, I suppose that I use it even when I don’t realize, like when I heard music in English, when I see movies in English and I can understand some parts without seen the subtitle and stuff like that, is not too much, but is something



  1. Eli I wrote in the blog of Meli that we can together for see movies in english for learn more this lenguage.

  2. You are english specialist!
    you help me when I understand nothing in classes!!
    I love!!